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Coffee And Tea Necklace Set {Bronze}

Coffee And Tea Necklace Set {Bronze}

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All I want to do is sit with you and share our hearts. There’s a large cup of coffee, prepared just for you, and my favorite tea is steeping in a large mug. With you I can be honest, with me you can be your truest self. This is friendship. The Coffee and Tea Necklace set is meant to be shared. I’ll keep one half and give the other half to a dear one. We’ll wear our necklaces even when we’re apart to keep us close together.

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Product Details
materials: hand-cast in bronze and strung on an 18" bronze link chain
finish: matte brushed finish
measurements: each charm approximately measures 1” tall and ½” wide
chains: two 18" bronze link chain

Special Price $111.20 Regular Price $139.00
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