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Brave Love® Emblem Necklace {Sterling Silver}

Brave Love® Emblem Necklace {Sterling Silver}

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Brave Love® is honest and real. It’s not enough to be flexible and easy going. Brave Love® engages in conflict believing beauty comes through vulnerability and hard work. We walk through the mess to find the beauty. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it! My book Brave Love® hits shelves January 29! This piece is a perfect reminder of your Brave Love® journey.

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Product Details

- materials: sterling silver charm / 18" sterling silver link chain
- finish: matte brushed finish
- meausrements: charm measures 3/4" 
- details: "brave love" engraved on the front of the charm / "xoxo" engraved on the back of the charm

Special Price $74.39 Regular Price $92.99
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